The International Covers Youtube Round-Up – 5/15/12

As a nod to our fans from various nations abroad, we’ve put together yet another collection of international themed covers and remixes. Most are covers of songs from Asian Pop markets, with a couple translated tunes thrown in for good measure. Go ahead and have your pick at the batch, there’s bound to be a listen or two that will catch your fancy.

Paul Kim x David So Cover “I Need a Girl” by Taeyang

Dawen Sings a Mash-Up of “A Song for Mama” by BIIM & “聽媽媽的話” by Jay Chou

Arden Cho x Gerald Ko Cover “너를 사랑해 (I Love You)” by S.E.S.

Paul Dateh Remixes “Breathe” by Télépopmusik

Lily Bee Covers “No Regrets” by Gaby Moreno

Jason Chen Sings an English Version of “學不會(Never Learn)” by JJ Lin

Nylon Pink Sings an English Verison of “Run Devil Run” by Girls Generation

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