Just ‘Cause: ‘For All the Times’ by The Jubilee Project

Although Mother’s Day has already passed, this short film by the Jubilee Project is still as relevant as ever. The narrative is based on a true story that the creator’s experienced, and they decided to take it and turn it into the video you see below. It’s a definite recommended watch and another fine production by the JP. The video features Jennifer Chung’s “Common, Simple, Beautiful” for the soundtrack.

Read more about the video, here.

Why? Just ‘Cause.

This short film is dedicated to the amazing women in our lives whom we call mom. This Mother’s Day, we want to remind you of the countless sacrifices she made for you. Learn about the story behind the short:http://www.jubileeproject.org

Introducing Jin Han and Soyoung Park
Written and Directed by Jason Y. Lee
Director of Photography Eddie Lee
Produced with Eric I. Lu
Music by Jennifer J. Chung – “Common, Simple, Beautiful”
Special thanks to the Han Family

Dedicated to Mama Lee.

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