Adam WarRock Releases “WIZZYWIG”

If there’s anything that can be said about Adam WarRock, it’s that he’s consistent. Living up to his label of a comic book rapper, the former lawyer turned MC has released a song inspired by Ed Piskor’s graphic novel, WIZZYWIG. AW likes to keep things classic, cause when he drops a single, he does it proper – with a B-side. The songs can be had via the Bandcamp widget, below!

Me and Mikal kHill were lucky enough to work with Top Shelf Comics & Ed Piskor(American Splender, Hip Hop Family Tree) to help get word out about his upcoming book WIZZYWIG. Ed’s created a graphic novel gathered from the stories of the most infamous real-life hackers. The first track was featured in this video trailer for the comic, which was featured on BoingBoing and other sites.

We did a little remix w/ int80 of Dual Core, and kHill hopped on the vox. Then I put a b-side I did with Joules after SXSW. The original “WIZZYWIG” song featured in the trailer is free for download, the other songs can be purchased individually, or the all 3 tracks can be had for $2.

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