Gowe Shares a Preview of the Upcoming ‘We Are HyperGiants’ Album

It’s been a couple years since Gowe came off his stint on Kollaboration Seattle. Since that time, he’s slowly grown his fan base, linked up with fellow artists, and started expanding his reach beyond Sea-town. All of those factors are culminating in the form of a debut albumWe Are HyperGiants. The project is expected to drop on June 17th, and will include some supporting work by Travis Graham (New Heights), Paul Kim, Jennifer Chung, Erin Kim & Sam Ock! You can check out a preview of the album via the following clip.

On June 17th, 2012 my debut album will be available via iTunes & Amazon!!!

Pre-Ordering information for physical copies coming soon! All pre-orders will be personally autographed.

Album Art designed by – Sam Cho & Tracey Ige

Produced by – Trebles And Blues, Marcus D, Complex Studios, Soulostar, Nitro Fresh & Sam Ock


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