Kero One Starts a Kickstarter Campagin for ‘Color Theory’

By now, I’m sure most of you know how the Kickstarted/IndieGoGo crowd-sourced fundraisers work. Kero One is the latest to start a campaign to help mitigate the costs of releasing his 4th independent studio album, Color Theory. The incentives include everything from a copy of the album to a personal performance at the venue of your choice. We encourage you to check out all the additional details over at Kickstarter.

Hey Everyone! Thanks for visiting my kickstarter page! I need your support to finish up my 4th studio album “Color Theory”.  I’m extremely excited about this album and it’s my biggest album project yet, running 14 tracks deep with features from all kinds of great singers, rappers, and musicians in general.  For the past decade, I’ve enjoyed having full creative freedom from self releasing my music and this release is no different – It’s just me and the music.

I plan to get this new album out in early July and I’ve already recorded, mixed, and completed the artwork for the project.  Now, I need to master (engineer) the album, manufacture it and if we exceed the goal, create a photobook for the album, and pay for a nice music video (or two).  I want this new album to take us to the next level! I’ve set a goal of $10,000 and if I don’t meet that goal, nothing gets funded.  Yeah, that would be wack.  So spread the word and this link!  You are the media!

And, thankyou thankyou thankyou!

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