Listen to a “Flawless” Original by Erin Kim

Erin Kim may have only finished her fresman year of College, but her music is far beyond her years. “Flawless” is a new ditty by the singer/songwriter, and though this is just demo quality, there is a lot of promise here. Dare we say she’s starting to sound a little like Melissa Polinar? Trust us, that’s a good thing.

Verse 1
I’m starin at you like a blank canvas
And I’m cryin out, “Oooooooh”
So I painted a picture
Of all the things that have been goin on in my head
But I realized
That they were just full of colors
Going round n round in my head

Should I fancy you?
Why should I fancy you?

You’re tellin me to
Start from point a to point b
Trynna make sense of what I’m thinkin of
So I can get to you
Asking “How are you so beautiful?”
Praying, “Can I beautiful, like you?”

I’m so unaware
Of who I’m supposed to be
But you’re tellin me,
Everything’s gonna be alright

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