Two Cents: Inspire’s Jeff Yoo Talks Asian-American Hip-Hop

Jeff Yoo returns for another guest post, here on a-Tunes. Here, he talks about Hip-Hop in the context of Asian-Americana.

I’ve been a huge hip hop fan for years so it’s a great honor and privilege that I get to do a hip hop music review for — Shout outs to Mr. Gifted Thought for the opportunity! If this works out, I might put out some more reviews of my favorite albums & artists. God bless.

Jeff is the founder of Inspire – “a nonprofit 501(c) 3 organization committed to creating an outlet for Christians where they can express worship to God through their talents and passion for music.” We’ve partnered with Inspire in the past, bringing you exclusive coverage of their first East-Coast show early last year. Want to learn more about the organization? Check out the video below.

Two Cents is an editorial feature and the views and comments made by the author do not necessarily reflect those of as a whole.

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