The Usher/Bieber/Maroon 5 Youtube Covers Round-Up – 6/13/12

This particular Round-Up is for those that love Pop radio and currently have a lot of time on their hands. There are 22, yes – twenty two (count ’em!), videos here. Only 3 different artists were covered this time around – Justin Bieber, Maroon 5, and Usher. As you can tell, for better or worse, these Youtube singers sure love to cover the same artists and songs! I’ve picked out 3 noteworthy clips ( for each artist covered) to start things off, the rest you’ll find after the jump.

“Die In Your Arms” by Eunice Kiss

“Payphone” by D-Pryde

“Climax” by Paul Kim

Justin Bieber

“Die In Your Arms” by JK Films x AJ Rafael x David So

“Die In Your Arms” by Jason Chen

“Die In Your Arms” by Paul Kim

“Boyfriend” by D-Pryde

“Boyfriend” by Gabe Bondoc

“Boyfriend” by Traphik

Maroon 5

“Payphone” by Erika David

“Payphone” by Jason Chen

“Payphone” by J-Ricz

“Payphone” by Rooftop Pursuit

“Payphone” by Bella

“Sunday Morning” by Bella


“Scream” by Jason Chen x Ahmir

“Climax” by Dawen

“Climax” by Summer Breeze

“Climax” by Erin Kim

“Climax” by Lydia Paek

“Climax” by Erin Paula

“Climax” by Erika David

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