Triangle Offense’s Sci Shares the Video for “Worst Love”

As the July 17th release date for Triangle Offense‘s The First Love approaches, the trio are following up on their promise to each release a solo promo music video. We’ve already seen Bry’s “First Love“, now Sci shares his “Worst Love”. Although technically this is a remix (using a Childish Gambino beat), the song was too dope not to share and be relegated to one of our cover round-ups.

I wanted you to know
That I am ready to go
My heartbeat
I wanted you to know
Whenever you are around
Can’t speak
I can’t speak

So, I heard you moved to Boston
We used to cheer for the Celtics
I’m happy that you moved to Boston
But could you stop being selfish?
Why you go out of your way to keep in touch with my friends?
On Facebook and Twitter like we never ended
Like why’s everyone still friends with my ex?
And why’s my ex still friends with everyone else?
Hurts that they show you love after what you did
But that’s not their concern, so I don’t say shit
Miss your friends I met in college
But I let them go to try to move off this
You want space? Fine, what about mine?
You left me, right? Stay out of my life
But no, you now cool with her, him, and whoever
You ain’t like them that much when we were together
Can’t be alone for a moment, can you?
You need a boyfriend to reinforce your value
Serial monogamist
Fooled me, thought you’d keep all your promises
Built me up, buttercup, just to break me down
I survived, but you changed for the worse it sounds
Facade, how far you think it takes you now?
Yo, my mom fuckin’ hates you now. How’s that feel?


But no matter how everything ends up
I’ll always wish you the best, love
Though you put me through the worst, love
I won’t get over you cause you’re my first love
And I’m at peace with that
But I had to release this track
So I could get this weight off me
Cause there’s only one pound in a heartbeat

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