The Slants Share a Preview of Upcoming ‘The Yellow Album’

Rock outfit, The Slants, are aiming to drop an album in August called The Yellow Album. To drum up some interest, they’ve posted a preview clip with a montage of snippets of 6 new songs. They are all set to some martial arts films for the heck of it, along with some of their album artwork thrown in at the end.

This video gives a sneak preview of several songs from The Slants’ third full length release, The Yellow Album. The album will be available in August 2012 via iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, eMusic, and fine record stores worldwide.

Songs that are played are:
1. Con Kids
2. Just One Kiss
3. Love Letters From Andromeda
4. Sour Love
5. Rescue Me From My Own Heart
6. Yellow

Set against footage from the following films:
Kill Bill, The Chinese Connection, The Big Boss (aka FIst of Fury), Game of Death, Enter the Dragon, and Return of the Dragon.

Also included: a preview of several pages of artwork from The Yellow Album.

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