The Jubilee Project Release a Short Film on Sex Trafficking with Megan Lee – ‘Back to Innocence’

The folks behind The Jubilee Project have always been about making the world better. Their latest video endeavor tackles a dark and despicable but wide-spread global problem – sex trafficking, especially of minors. Back to Innocence features Megan Lee in the heartbreaking lead role, as they shed light on the horrific and oft ignored subject. Find out more about the video and it’s cause here, as well as after the break.

The Jubilee Project produced this film to give voice to the millions of children who are forced and manipulated into sex trafficking every year. This film was inspired by the real injustices that children have to face, even in the United States. The goal of this film is to empower viewers to learn more about this important cause and to take action to help end sex trafficking. Join us in shining a light on this darkness and share this film with others.

By watching this film, you have been given an opportunity to be a voice in your community. Use it. When you share this film with others, let it be a tool to help empower them: hold meetings, organize events, and initiate simple conversations around this issue. Your voice matters in helping to combat this injustice. Learn more about this issue and watch the behind the scenes video here: (

Additionally, become a donor to directly help non-profit organizations combat sex trafficking. Through this film, we are partnering with an organization called Odanadi to help them continue to help victims in need. All of the proceeds will go directly to helping the organization end trafficking around the world. To learn more about their organization or to make a donation to them, please go to

Finally, stay connected to the Jubilee Project. This is just the beginning of our efforts to shine a bright light on this darkness. We believe that films play a powerful role in combating this issue. To produce these films, we’ll need your continual support and prayers. To follow us, you can:

– subscribe to the Jubilee Project:

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– tweet us: @jubileeproject

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Thank you for helping restore innocence in the world. In Job 33: 25-26, it is written about the healing power of God, “let their flesh be renewed like a child’s; let them be restored as in the days of their youth—then that person can pray to God and find favor with him, they will see God’s face and shout for joy; he will restore them to full well-being.” Innocence is more than a freedom from sexual exploitation; it is the dwelling in the mercy and love of a greater power who can free us from all things dark and cruel.

Director, Editor, Producer: Eddie Lee
Co-Producers: Eric Lu, Jason Y. Lee
Actor: Trip Hope
Actresses: Megan Lee, Lauren Lee
Director of Photography: Francisco Bulgarelli
Steadicam Operator: Javier A. Costa
Soundtrack Composer: Jesse Chui (
Vocalist: Megan Lee (

This film was inspired by this article:…

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