AM Kidd Presents “What I Need”

There’s something about “What I Need”, the latest drop from AM Kidd, that makes me consider it to be his strongest material in some time. Something about the spacey keys and crisp percussion coupled with his seemingly refreshed rhymes come together in perfect unison. Hopefully the upswing will only continue!

I swear I’ve seen you in my dreams. In these summer nights
when I close my eyes, I picture you laying beside
Undeniably right. It’s like the stars meet the skies when our bodies collide
Inescapable feelings. I’m trying hard to hold back all this truth that I’m spillin’
It’s been a minute since I’ve settled down
but for once I got it figured out
I’ve never been so sure and you’ve never been so right
so tell me is it wrong that I ain’t doubtin what’s inside
am I just fool for always thinking with my heart?
But if I never did the truth would stay there in the dark
My past wasn’t the best and I’m just trynna make it better, I swear I am.
But I know that you won’t judge me, You understand.
so if hope and beauty had a face
you’d define that in every single way
you’re exactly what I need

I met ’em all, seen ’em all
You’re exactly what I need
and I’ve never been so sure
you’re exactly what I need

So they tell me take it slow.
But I know with you I’m ready
I met so many people
you’re the only one that gets me
Somehow we aligned. Perfectly in time.
You & I combined is like a masterpiece design
I’ve been searching all around the world for ya
and you didn’t even know it
when I was falling down
you caught me at the right moment
and I don’t mean to hold you up or bring you down
I’m only here to lift you high. High above the ground
and I’mma only give you all of me
that’s what you deserve
promises are broken
but you know that’s only words
so I’mma take any chance I get to show it
when I say you got my love, I’m saying that you own it
so it’s yours for you to keep it.
It came with all my secrets
in time give me your trust
and then we’ll call it even
I don’t really ask for much
Instead I want to give ya
everything since you came into the picture
You’re exactly what I need.

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