Adam Warrock Gives You the ‘Self-Help’ EP

In a slight change of pace, Adam Warrock has decided to step back from the topic raps of comic book lore and niche pop culture, and has put together a more personal release called the Self-Help EP. So in the end, this project focuses a little less on Adam Warrock and instead brings Eugene Anh into the fold. If the production has a familiar flavor, it’s because he rhymed over Sabzi (of Blue Scholars) beats exclusively for this EP – unauthorized, of course. Although, a Warrock/Sabzi project would sound kinda cool, dont ya think? DL the album, here.

1. What is Happening Here?! (Introduction)
2. Self-Help
3. Tryin’
4. Cats & Cradles
5. No Lie
6. DTD

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