AMP Presents Sophomore Album – ‘Glory Songs’

Just a little over a year ago, Sam Ock, J. Han, and CL came together to release their debut album as the group AMP. Today, they’ve dropped their sophomore LP, Glory Songs. They’ve admittedly gone for a bigger sound here, in an attempt to provide songs on an epic scale. “Your Word” and the more recent “People’s Song” are on the project, and you have plenty of options for consumption here.

Purchase: iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, BigCartel

1. Amplify
2. No Other Place
3. Beauty
4. Everywhere
5. You Lift Me Up
6. For The Day
7. No Turning Back
8. Worthy is the Lamb
9. New Creation
10. Your Word
11. Wonderful
12. People’s Song
13. Triumphant 05:33


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