Just ‘Cause: The ‘Hibakusha’ Trailer

Hibakusha is an animated film that has been in the works for a couple of years now and it looks like it’ll be finally be ready for it’s public unveiling on September 28th. The animated film tells the story of Kaz Suyeishi and her experiences when an atomic bomb was dropped on her town during World War II. If the visual style seems familiar, it’s because it is the handiwork of none other than Choz Belen. Many notable folks were involved including musicians Jane Lui, Paul Dateh, and Connie Lim. Check out their website for more details on this powerful historical narrative.

“HIBAKUSHA” is an animated drama featuring Kaz Suyeishi, an 84 year old woman, who recalls her most vivid and horrific experiences as a 17 year old Hiroshima student during the morning of August 6, 1945 when the atomic bomb dropped on her hometown.

Directed by Choz Belen & Steve Nguyen
Written by Steve Nguyen & Ivan Tsang
Starring: Karin Anna Cheung, Priscilla Gee, Connie Lim, Daisuke Suzuki, Jane Lui, Paul Dateh, Kato Cooks, Steve Nguyen

In theatres: September 28, 2012

©2012 Made By Humans, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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