Kero One Starts Kickstarter Campaign to Make New MV for Old Song – “In All the Wrong Places”

After the successful campaign to help offset some of the costs for his last album, Color Theory, Kero One is looking to do a new music video for an older but personally significant song of his – “In All the Wrong Places”. The track dropped back in 06 off his debut album Windmills of the Soul, but back then he just didn’t have the resources to turn the visual into a reality. Now he’s teaming up once again with the same director of his “Fast Life” music video and hoping to recreate some of that animated magic; with your help of course. Learn more over at his Kickstarter page.

Sup guys! I have been making music independently for the last 10 years, as the producer and rapper on four solo albums. Some of my long time supporters might be familiar with the song “In All the Wrong Places,” from my very first album “Windmills of the Soul”.  I believe it’s one of the songs I’ve been the most recognized for in my career.  When I released the song back in 2006, I wanted to do a music video for the song but I didn’t know anyone I felt could really do the song justice in video form. However, this dream of making a video to a song that so many people felt personally connected with has remained with me.

Recently, I feel that i have finally found an amazing director who can bring my vision to life. In fact, he directed the music video for my song “Fast Life,” which used motion graphics.  So now, I’m reaching out to you to help me make my dream happen.  I’ve set a goal of 5k which will help cover some of the post production cost, paying staff and actors, studio and equipment rental, buying props, etc.

I hope the music video will help to bring the song more exposure and give something back to the fans who’ve loved, shared, and supported the song. Thank you in advance for your support!!

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