Paul J. Kim Launches Kickstarter Campaign for a New Album

By now, you should know how Kickstarter works. Paul J. Kim, whom we haven’t really heard from in a while, has stepped off the tour trail and is in works for a new album. Of course, that takes time and resources, the latter in particular for which he is in want. He’s looking to you, the fans and supporters, to chip in what you can so that he can step up his game with the next album and make it a reality. Read more after the break and at his KS page.

A little over 3 years ago, I was inspired to make music that would not only turn heads, but inspire hearts.  I recorded an album called Run Fly Fall that did something unique: it used only my voice (via beatboxing, singing, rapping) to create everything in the final mix.  It also infused faith, love, and hope into some honest and real song-writing.  Little did I know that it would be the beginning of an adventure that God would use to inspire tens of thousands of people throughout the country.  2 music videos, 200 live performances across the nation, and 1 tremendously grateful artist later… the time has finally come to record a new album!  But I need your help!

I’ve teamed up with a producer named Anthony “DNA” Lee who has recorded music for Bruno Mars, and who will be able to take my vision for this album to new heights.  I’m so excited for this opportunity, but it is an expensive process to record, mix, master, and produce a new album.  Because this is an independent project, I don’t have a record label backing it financially.  So I’m asking YOU to please help my new Album come alive!

Here’s how it works:  If I get your support and reach my goal, everyone who pledges will get one of the listed THANK YOU rewards. BUT, here’s the thing… If I don’t reach my goal in 30 days, I won’t get ANY funding from Kickstarter.  But I’m not worried about that!  I know we can do this!  Please help by spreading the word about this project on Facebook, Twitter, or in conversations with people in real life 🙂  Know that you’ll be helping my music and message reach thousands of people online and wherever I perform

One of the biggest inspirations I have for writing music, are the youth: my younger brothers and sisters.  Music is such a powerful tool, but artists who have the attention of so many people, have a tendency of communicating the wrong message.  That is why I want to make music that is entertaining but also inspires people to live lives that are worth more than one night stands, binge drinking, and thinking your belly button is the center of the universe.

I was recently reminded why I love what I do when I heard about a soldier in Afghanistan who somehow got a copy of my first album and told a mutual friend that listening to the songs got him through some dark times he faced while serving out there.  I realized that this is more than just music… it’s a calling.  

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