Sam Ock Debuts “I’m Okay”

The singing third of AMP, Sam Ock, released a song called “I’m Okay” off his upcoming solo EP. He once again uses his musical talent to share aspects of his faith with anyone willing to listen. Be on the lookout for more material from Mr. Ock – his EP is slated for release in a few weeks. Go ahead and give this one a spin via Youtube and if it sounds like a keeper to you, get it for free here.

As beautiful as romantic, earthly love is, there is nothing as beautiful as the love we have received as sons and daughters from our Father God through Jesus Christ! :] I’m okay, any day! :]

“I’m Okay” – Written & Produced by Sam Ock

*I’m okay any day
When the leaves fall, when it rains
In my troubles, all my pain
because You love me

I’m okay everyday
When I’m swerving through life’s lanes
All the fears and all the blame
because You love me!

I wish I could write a simple kind of love song
but in light of eternity, the road’s long
going on endlessly, true serenity
bought upon the tree, Jesus bled for me…
So perceiving that time goes on forever,
simple, romantic love with a half — better
is sure swell, but just an image of the real thing
I’ll never let the romance overtake my King
It’s hard to believe that my soul with live forever
It feels like to this physical world, I’m tethered
there definitely is a spiritual war, I know it
like the pen’s trying to force affections of the Poet
I know that many can’t relate, maybe some can
to try and find the role of love in the Artist’s plan
’cause Lord, I don’t want to sing of love that won’t last
so give me Your love and Spirit, steadfast


Every single day I wait
for love to dance with me…
but I know that it ain’t so simple, see,
there’s struggle within loyalty (oh)
there’s so much that I want to be!

So to you my good friends, or to you my lover,
let us seek truth fervently, my sister, brothers
in all we do may we never settle for something less
than what we’re meant to experience, knowing that we’re blessed
by our Father above, we’re given pleasure, pains
to see the beauty of the summer nights and fall rains
yea…for I will sing in the darkest days
knowing I’m forgiven and fought for, and so I’ll say

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