Denizen Kane, Taiyo Na, & Rachel Lastimosa Feature on “Tree City Heights” by Wonway Posibul

MC & DJ Wonway Posibul managed to round up some of his cast mates from a SF play called Tree City Legends, including Denizen Kane, Taiyo Na and Rachel Lastimosa (of Dirty Boots). So the four of them jumped on his track “Tree City Heights” (produced by Ayentee) to give us a dope independent Hip-Hop track that blends each artist’s respective styles and contributions well. But you don’t need to take my word for it, check it out and DL via Soundcloud!

As well as being an MC/DJ I dabble a bit in theater. This past year I was blessed to act in a play called “Tree City Legends” which ran at Intersection for the Arts in San Francisco. The play was written by Dennis Kim aka emcee Denizen Kane of Typical Cats. The cast also featured another really talented emcee named Taiyo Na, and the beautiful vocals of Rachel Lastimosa and her band Dirty Boots.

Long story slightly shorter, being in this play was a life changing experience for me. The cast and crew all had a special connection with one another. As our run was coming to an end I decided to not take this connection for granted and suggested the emcees/vocalists involved work on a track together. All the verses and the chorus in this song are inspired by the play and (at least in my case) were written for our characters in the piece.

I reached out to my brother Ayentee (Secluded Journalists) to take on the role of producer not only making the beat, but structuring the order of verses and doing the final mix-down. Ant does a extraordinary job making the vocals sound like we were all in the same room when in fact they came from 3 different home studios in San Francisco, Oakland, and New York. Big shout to Dion Decibels as well who took time out to record Denizen’s & my vocals at his studio.

The success of the play in SF has given us the opportunity to tour as we’ll be heading to Philadelphia, PA in December 2012 to showcase it at the National Performance Network’s Annual Meeting ( The release of this song is a celebration of our upcoming travels and return to the stage together while also hopefully getting some of you folks on the east hyped to come out and see this amazing piece of work.

Thank you to my friends/castmates for your great contributions to this song and your great contribution to my life in general.


Wonway Posibul

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