Marie Digby Debuts the “First Picture of Earth” MV

Would you be interested in hearing/seeing new material from singer/songwriter Marie Digby? If so, fortune is smiling upon you today because she’s got a new MV for her song “First Picture of Earth”. The serene nature setting was shot in the beautiful Yosemite National Park. If it sounds familiar, it’s because Marie shared an acoustic version of the track back in October.

Directed by: Ghost Town
Director of Photography: Kai Saul
Editor: Jonathan Melin
VFX: Jason Tierney

Produced thanks to the help of : Liem Nguyen, Tu-Quyen Pham, Francesco del Pozzo, Kevin Steven Moran, and Justin Aquino.

Finally I get to share with you my official video for one of my new songs First Picture of Earth! We shot this in one of my favorite places in the world.. Yosemite National Park. There are a lot of funny back stories to the making of this video. Some of which include running away from hikers before they see our shoot and think we’re a bunch of weirdos in the forest ! I hope you guys enjoy this video which was made with a lot of love, soul, DIY work, and many long arduous hikes in the woods =)

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