Passport: MYK x Shirosky Release the ‘Adaptation’ EP (featuring Manifest)

Here’s a pleasant surprise! South Korean Hip-Hop artist (by way of the Bay), MYK, has linked up with Shirosky for a free EP called Adaptation. A couple of the joints also features Virginia representative, Manifest, behind the mic. I’ve given it a quick listen and can say if you like a little jazz with your Hip-Hop and some actual content behind your rhymes, this is a release worth checking out.

Shirosky the self proclaimed “First Female Jazz Hip-Hop Musician/Producer in South Korea” has teamed up with rapper MYK. MYK hails from the Bay Area but moved to Seoul, Korea, where he was introduced to Tablo of Epik High. The two immediately connected and began writing music together. He was later made a honorary member of Epik High and has continued to collaborate with artists like Kero One, Dumbfoundead, Tablo amongst others. Together he and Shirosky teamed up to release this album to all corners of the world. From the artists and all of us at Cult Classic Records we hope you enjoy the album, we appreciate your support and please help us get the music heard by spreading it to forums, blogs, social media outlets…etc

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