Check Out An Acoustic Flip of “That’s My Baby” by D-Pryde

D-Pryde has decided to post up an acoustic remix of his song “That’s My Baby”. You can watch the the studio performance of the new mix and download both renditions using the links below. Lyrics can be found after the break. Prizzy continues to defy hard genre confinement and pulls off eclectic sounds with ease.

Acoustic Download:

Studio Download:

I decided to do an acoustic version of a song I recorded not too long ago with Den-Z. This turned out to be a favorite of mine so I put a quick acoustic version together with DJ Linobo. ENJOY! MORE MATERIAL COMING SOON!

Ou you the one
Shawty get it done
You’ve been always by my side, haaah?
’cause my down chick got it
I’m telling everybody
when I see you baby I’m all like

That’s my baby (x6)
My baby love

Smile at me with those dimples that you’re shy about//
…you get rowdy every time you hear that I’m in town//
Tell your ex to back right off, I know he hates when I’m around//
I’ma hit that kitty till your voice just hits the highest sounds


I know those other brothas hate my guts//
Steelo off the roof, always lookin like I’m paper’d up//
Request a song for me I’ll sing it for you, kinda like
Hay hay yeah yeah yeah

Next to my game like my baby sittin court side//
Body on the sand while I kiss you on the shoreside//
girl you sharper than a porkpine//
We do it big like 8’2 these haters lookin 4’5//

Our price is high while they low ball//
I recognize your voice every phone call//
On my mind, and her name is like a dope song//
Got me sayin oh lord
That’s my baby, baby

I think that you’re the one it’s real
No-one has ever made me feel
so proud I gotchu
don’t be so annoyed
When I be steady pointin’ like

That’s my baby (x6)
My baby love

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