Jason Chen Debuts “SnowFlake”

Just as promised, Jason Chen has released his new winter themed single, “SnowFlake”. The mid-tempo Pop ballad (produced by Smash Hitta) features an MV starring Ally Maki as the leading lady (directed by Alexandher). If you find yourself a fan of the tune, you should purchase it from the Bandcamp widget below.

Written by: Jason Chen & Adien Lewis
Vocals Recorded/Mixed by Jason Chen
Track produced by Smash Hita

[Verse 1]
It gets a little colder
All the leaves are gone
And it feels like it’s freezing cold
Right down to the bone

I really wanna see you
I Wanna let you know
On this snowy christmas day
baby I’m coming home

I don’t need no presents
You are all that i need

Snowflakes fall in the winter
But you’re the one to catch my eye
You light up the sky when you shimmer
Outshine the snowy white

If I could pull you out of the sky
On this Christmas day
In my eyes
You’re the only snowflake

[Verse 2]
It gets a little sweeter
When I see your face
This year we’re making
Memories that can’t be erased

Waiting for you to join me
Under the mistletoe
It finally feels like it’s christmas
(any)Where you are is my home

All I want for Christmas this year
Is to be with you, hold you close
You are one in a million
You’re my only snowflake

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