New Video from Bambu x ESTA – “Brave Heart”

The world didn’t end today, and it’s a good thing cause otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to see this new visual for “Brave Heart”. It’s a collaborative song with Bambu on the mic and ESTA bringing the production. It’s a simple black and white video, but Bam has never been about the ostentatious vids. His style is always about cleanly getting to the point.

one time for los angeles – all neighborhoods
eastside westside flatlands throw it up
i rather get every gangbanger to lock arms
and organize every hood like ceasar chavez on a farm
philip vera cruz-in’ through the appropriation of mine
riding fixies on my block while they’re robbing my block blind
i rhyme to design streamline organized coalitions
task objective goal mission
the vision of patrice lumumba shooting out my mouth
heard a whole entire people gasp when manny got knocked out
i get it
but let it be said from the mouth of a pinoy
we should gasp ten fold as a whole when a boy
in the philippines has to sniff a whole bag of glue
’cause it’s cheaper to be high than get a spoonful of food
fuck you going to do?!
sit around and write a couple bars
to convince the other frauds in a song that you hard
but youtube and worldstar exposes ’em all
an officer in corrections
lawsuits over a brawl
appauled the shit they selling on a records is all false
i look down on you mu’ufukkuhs and i ain’t even that tall
you a bad mu’fukkuh, bruh
filthy in seattle
in the bay they say i go, bluh
people’s freedom fanatical
whenever you see me in the eagle rock plaza
filipino than a mu’ufukkuh – shopping with my mama
esta made some shit that i just had to throw a rap at
hands up like you got a question in class ask that
why is there a gigantic gap between the classes
how come college recruiters don’t exist on my campus
bambu, soul assassins, native guns, bar gang
ayo, manny, quit playing in politics and train
— one rifle per family that’s bananas
i do it for masses not the camera’s… BANG, homie!


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