Paul Kim Releases the MV for “Getaway”

Last week, Paul Kim debuted his latest single, “Getaway”, with the promise that a music video would be released in the near future. That time is now and the official visuals have dropped. Shot in the gorgeous island of Oahu, Hawaii, with a pretty leading lady to match, there’s not a lot to dislike about the MV. Not a bad way to start off the new year. Lyrics are available after the break.

I wrote this song on the front and back of a napkin, while sitting on a plane daydreaming about a vacation. Instead of wishing for warm weather, I made it a reality. I present to you “Getaway”…

Filmed on location on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii

Director/Producer: Evan Asato
Instagram: @jahsatophotography

Director of Photography/Editor: Joshua Almario

Song Written and Arranged by Paul Kim
INSTAGRAM: @paulkimmusic

Song Produced by AJ The Producer

Female Lead: Dee Golightly

Production Assistants: Nancy Byun Sulliman, Jennifer Byun, Joy Yi, David Chatsuthipan

Stylist/Hair/Makeup for Lead Female: Tammie KL

Song Mixed and Mastered by Dashiek Woodard

I hardly know you, but there’s something about you girl
That’s making this feel like a movie scene
Where a king finds his queen
Girl leave your worries at the office, school, or home
I can make you forget all about your day
Let me love the hurt away…

Let’s watch a movie in the dark
Steal kisses at the park
As we lay beneath the stars
It don’t matter where we are

Let’s Getaway, just for a day, no need to stay
So I can shield you from the rain
I want to give you good loving, much more than kissing and hugging
Let’s Getaway, just for a day, no need to stay
Cuz I can take away the pain
I want to give you good loving, much more than kissing and hugging

Come lay your body on a pillow made of love
Let the warmth of the sun caress your soul
Like a tea brewed from gold
This is what it feels like when ecstasy is reached
Like a trip to Bali, Spain, or Rome
But we never left our home

Baby I’ll have you home before the streetlights they come on
And then I’ll take you on a ride until the early morn…

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