Andrew Huang Joins Dave Brown, None Like Joshua, and Dan Bull for the “Decipher Cipher”

Do you find yourself feeling a bit cerebral this evening? Do you like using clues to decipher a message and find a deeper meaning? Then you may want to apply some of that grey matter to this project song called “Decipher Cipher”. Andrew Huang has joined three other rappers (Dave Brown, None Like Joshua, Dan Bull) and are presenting a puzzle in rap form. Can you figure it out? Provided, some of the rappers are better than others, but this could be a fun little distraction for those that are so inclined.

To clarify – each verse has a code hidden in the words somehow. The lyrics are clues to what that code is.


Dave’s Verse:

Come listen, inside cypher keys
My insight defeats deciphering like easy
Oh no,
To hide expertise
Breathing actually now needs excessive repeats

Alphabetical technique
that’s hyper elite
targets only primarily
ordered fonts
Mind you,
Structure’s tight yo, like I’m scripting Haiku

Your obsession unseen ticks undetected beneath every
clue hiding – attention needed near each line
presented and grip every
tempting omission
but eventually giving it, now

This helpful encryption
Points at something starting words, only rapidly diversifies
into secrets
our big verse implied on universal signs

Josh’s verse:

Give you
What you want
Now we’ll have some fun
form it from the sort of sum and
Then will come the sequence
Type it in
See this
This Lateralus
That’s the jist
If Tool is a hint
pass it to the stats and you’ll be
tracking the habits of rabbits
Down with this
Calculate the
Golden mean?
I begin spiraling
My expertise in finding these
will try to hide the leaves of trees
You can see the terms
and feel the
Rhythms in
Final Hint
It’s inside the
art and design and body
sound in mind you’re bound to find the
next clue that you need
to beat but
time’s up

Andrew’s verse:

oh hey
i hear that you’re here to codebreak
i’m quick with viscous encryptions
i’ve got the most ways
to hide my business
my mission’s to keep you so strayed
you want a hint?
then just listen to what i don’t say
i’ll give you everything you don’t need
comb these verses
to find a lone key
that you won’t see
i come after a generation of rappers in guise
we see where the gold’s buried and capitalize
you’re looking for a symbol that’s dwindled
i’m the kind of character who likes to keep it simple
line by line
i make my verse the keenest
’til you cross paths with two strokes of genius
you blokes can screen this writing in a machine
even if you don’t see what i’m saying
you’ll know what i mean
missing these clues?
i’ve dropped a multiplicity
maybe i’ll always remain an unsolved mystery

Dan’s verse:

when I’m rapping then I’m platinum you better get decyphering
shattering encryptions that are dipped in liquid nitrogen
rearrange the beat turntable recycling
It’d take a lot of oxygen to read my rhyme again
so heed the value of the bars and
you’ll see DB earning through logic, carbon
trees burning and I’m not talking grass when I
gently notify you that you’re smoking a carcinogen
a synonym for something similarly cancerous
It’d be a treat to show you boldly what the answer is
compare a cancer stick against a stick of celery
When the song’s a hydrogen bomb, you’ll want the sickest remedy

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