Toestah Unveils “Make It Count”

“Make It Count” is the latest drop from James To, better known as Toestah. This is another track produced by Khoazy, and it serves as a more subdued, relational Hip-Hop track. This one isn’t off his recently released Dangerzone mixtape, and is a new track on it’s own. Sorry folks, but this is streaming only for now.


Yea. Okay, girl we on/ I know you been tripping lately
Can you please keep calm/
We been fighting for a while I can’t tell who’s wrong/
who’s right? alright, but like… you keep going on/

And on & on… while we out here for dinner/
yea I said, we out here for dinner/
why you looking mad? Imma keep it real.
I said you pick out a spot & baby I take care of the bill/

But she said it aint the money, it aint about the money/
She said she’ll give it up to hear me say that you just love me/
I told her are you serious, you know I don’t love,
And she said mothafucka man up, man up. Yea

Damn I’ve been tripping/ lost in a minute/
I guess my girl she suggesting that i just start it & finish/
Cuz if I thought I knew her, She knew me better/
So I guess that its clever that I just get it together and say/
Girl I gotchu girl, Girl you know I gotchu girl
I said I gotchu girl, Girl you know i gotchu girl.
I know your tripping every time that I’m out & about/
What you say? I think that we should make this count yea.

Yea. Okay, girl you fine
Only thing you needa make up is your god damn mind.
We been at it for awhile its been a long damn time.
You said “you made me wait for love like its a god damn line” uh.

Its like we on a fucking ride/
You take me low & take me high/
Deceiving me with your deceiving eyes/
So I be acting like without you girl i’m fucking fine/

Im fine…Im lying, Im not.
I might be out my mind/
They say that time is money/
Well shit I’m out of time/
Chasing these dimes, I didn’t know what was in my view/
I should’ve listened to my heart instead I’m missing you.

Hook (2x)

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