Andrew Huang Makes a “Baskets” Music Video

You can always count on Andrew Huang to give you some thing unique and novel. Following the trend from his latest videos, Huang uses sound samples from his videos, and couples it with limited instrumentation to weave together a fully layered song. This one is called “Baskets”, and when you see it, you’ll know why. It features footage from The Legendary Shots to add to the visual flair and entertainment.


baskets, legendary shots drop instant classics
and we can blind pass it
huang on the wraparound, sinking (syncing) it with these joints
run and gun it, i’m going up for the three-point
i make it bounce, and never in poor taste
samples all legal, but it’s still a court case
killing it, 00 up on the jersey
only kids not on my team are ones who haven’t heard me
sick bass line (baseline), no stopping that
crossover hit right off the bat
wrong kind of b-ball, we don’t have pitches
a wizard or a genie, i’ll grant you three swishes
give it that swing, and i’ve got the hooks
kicks and breaks, i don’t do it by the book
but i can still slam it, if you wanna play it by the rules
shootin’ some b-ball outside of the school
i get baskets

i dribble a little
it’ll titillate anybody while i’m spitting these riddles
i got it all
i shoot it and bank it and in that order
small power in numbers, new meaning to pay it forward
new player, soaring with these bumping cuts,
i get air, j-jump jump it up
i’m the jordan of this scene, i do it to the full
and if you’re saying 23 isn’t the best, that’s bull
he got baskets

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