2NE1 Featured & Interviewed in Complex

Korea’s 2NE1 has been rumored to make the jump across seas into the US market for a while now, and it definitely looks like they are still heading that way – although perhaps not in the traditional sense just yet. They are still testing the waters over here but the group has caught the eye of Complex, who are fans of their style in terms of both musically and image. So, the publication did a photoshoot with the group and held an interview. To catch the full scoop, head on over to Complex!

There were other K-pop artists in the States. After seeing how they approached the U.S. market what have you guys learned, and how do you all expect to move forward?

CL: Well, instead of approaching it differently, we just like to enjoy doing our music. I just think we want other people to enjoy it with us. We’re not trying to use a specific plan. If we’re sincere about our performances, we’re sure many people will connect with us. We try to stay cognizant of it at all times.


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