Adam WarRock x Comics Alliance Release the ‘Watch The Throne (X)’ Album

Only Adam WarRock would think to do an entire album dedicated to The X-Men over instrumentals from Jay-Z & Kanye’s Watch the Throne LP. He’s appropriately given the project a new branding, Watch The Throne (X), and it includes 10 songs all focused on the Marvel Universe in which Xavier and his crew reside in. Intrigued  I know I am. Pick up the album over at ComicsAlliance at no cost to you.

1. A Magic Trick (Introduction)
2. Cerebro
3. Danger Room
4. Teamwork
5. The Shi’ar (Interlude)
6. Legacy Virus
7. Mutants in America
8. Better Men (Interlude)
9. Nation X
10. B.L.A.M.

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