Verseatile Asks You “Yes, No, Maybe”?

Verseatile has enlisted the help of Smash Hitta to provide the production for hew new lighthearted love track, “Yes, No, Maybe”. I’m sure all of us can remember the days when we were hoping for a positive response from object of our puppy love affection. Not a bad listen at all. DL it for free from his bandcamp.

Intro: Never thought, you the one to take it this far, cuz you got me thinking about you everywhere you are, didn’t mean to trip, but I fell pretty hard, and I’m tryna stay away from love songs! (my God)

Verse 1:
Nah nah nah never for a second did I ever have intention to develop any feelings for somebody like you, I ain’t hating or debating whether someone thinks you’re cute, but you didn’t strike me as the type that I’d be into/ cuz our personalities don’t match, styles are so different, neither of us showed each other signs of any interest/ didn’t plan on catching any feelings but I caught it bad, getting kinda curious to know where your heart is at/ so I wrote a little note, might be just some gibberish, if you get a moment think about it just a little bit/ Yes or a No or a Maybe, if you circle yes, then I’ll make you my baby, if you circle no, I’ll be thinking about you daily, if you circle maybe, you’re driving me crazy/ but hey, do what you gotta do, I’ll wait till the end, just remember me when holding the pen/ so is it

Yes No Maybe, Circle One. Yes No Maybe, Circle One (Choose right)
Yes No Maybe, Circle One. Yes No Maybe, Circle One (One)

Verse 2:
Yeah, we really didn’t start as friends to begin with, nothing in common, especially no kinship/ but what had blossomed doesn’t happen very often, and I’m hoping we can turn this into something that is awesome/ maybe I’m just trippin, maybe I’m just slippin, I can’t deny something when I’m feeling so smittened/ I know I’m sounding silly, but can you blame me really, no disrespect but curiosity will surely kill me/ So what you got going, cuz I hate not knowing, and when a man swallows his pride it means a lot, don’t it/ so please consider it, I know you so considerate, you got me fiending for you like a pack of cigarettes/ and I don’t even smoke, so that should say a lot, my only vice is that I go to church and pray a lot/ nah that’s a lie too, at least I try to, become a nice dude, but bottom line, I like you

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