Just ‘Cause: Jeremy Lin x The Jeremy Lin Foundation x Jubilee Project Present ‘The Last Pick’

As much as we’re a music focused site, even we understand that life is bigger than notes, raps and videos. That’s why we’re sharing the latest Jubilee Project video called The Last Pick. It stars Jeremy Lin and is in support of the Jeremy Lin Foundation, an organization devoted to serving children and youth. Check out the video below along with additional details about it all, after the break.

Why? Just’ Cause.

“The Last Pick” is a video about helping others. When we give to others, we often benefit in return. It usually happens when we expect it the least, but need it the most.

This film was produced this past summer to support the Jeremy Lin Foundation (@jlinfoundation). The Foundation loves and serves children and youth, by providing hope, empowerment and leadership development.

To learn more about the Foundation and join our efforts, please visit our website http://jeremylinfoundation.org

Written, Produced & Directed by Jubilee Project. The Jubilee Project produces films for a good cause. Watch and follow them:http://www.jubileeproject.org | @jubileeproject |http://www.youtube.com/jubileeproject

Watch “The Last Pick” bloopers & behind the scenes here:http://bit.ly/lastpickbts

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