The Ballad Covers Youtube Round-Up – 2/8/13

Today’s round-up ends the week on a more subdued note. We’ve gone through our playlist of covers from the last couple months and put together the following compilation of ballad songs. Now the original tunes may not have been ballads but regardless of origin, the songs you’ll hear below are of slower tempo and dedicated to the ever elusive true love. Don’t cry. #ForeverAlone

Jayne Rio x Adien Lewis Covers “Brokenhearted” by Karmin

Summerbreeze Covers “Don’t Judge Me” by Chris Brown

Olivia Thai x Tony T Nguyen Cover “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables

JENI Covers “I MissYou” by Beyonce

AJ Rafael x Cathy Nguyen Cover “Nothing Like Us” by Justin Bieber

JRA Covers “Nothing Like Us” by Justin Bieber

Esther Lee Covers “Safe and Sound” by Taylor Swift

Jason Chen Covers “Little Things” by One Direction

Raden Covers “Little Things” by One Direction

Krissy (of Krissy & Ericka) Covers “Thinking About You” by Frank Ocean


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