Marie Digby x JayR Present the MV for “Falling for You”

If you’re looking for that last track to add to your Valentine’s Day playlist, you should give some consideration to JayR & Marie Digby‘s collaborative single, “Falling For You”. It’s a sweet, mid-tempo Pop song with a music video acted out by the singers in the setting of Downtown LA. The song is also available for purchase, see the CDBaby link below.

Purchase: CDBaby

Director: Romson Niega (
Producers: Andrew Ahn / Romson Niega
Director of Photography: Nathaniel Fu
Associate Producer: Marybelle Bustos / Helm Sicat
Editor: Joseph E. Torres
Wardrobe Stylist: Marybelle Bustos / Jay Malvar
Art Department: Victor Ngayan / Jay Malvar
Hair and Makeup: Janet Miranda
Colorist: Gareth Cook
Set Photographer: Helm Sicat
Aerial Photography: Copter-Cam
P.A: Mel Camilleri / Jaycee Camilleri

Craft Services: Boos Philly Cheesesteak / White Rabbit Cafe

Special Thanks: Rona LA / GPPR / Sixhundredla / Meister / BE.NYLA / Heaven Antique Furniture / Jhing Sillona / Bency Jimenez / Janessa Molina / Eric Solidum / Alessandro Schiassi / David Feldman / Helen Niega

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