Ann One Shares a Sneak Peek at “Say Yes”

For those of you who follow KPOP at all, Ann is a name you may not be familiar with, but chances are you’ve come across her work at some point. Besides leading her own solo career overseas, she’s written & produced for a number of artists and featured for the likes of Drunken Tiger and others. That being said, she’s not about to put music behind her just yet. “Say Yes” is a leak off an upcoming project and it just goes to show that sometimes, old-school soul hits the spot better than anything else. Check out the demo via Soundcloud.

One thought on “Ann One Shares a Sneak Peek at “Say Yes”

  1. Dukh ko kuro ke bhane afno ta chutti(DAY OFF) nai hniudaa shukrabar(FRIDAY) ko din ma.By the way, hardik badhai cha!!!Asha garchu aaune din haruma bhet ghat hunecha tapai haru sampurna LAFAA haru sit.PATTA MAGAR LAFAA’KO KA’AT CHA’ANING !!!

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