Gowe Goes 16-Bit With His Latest MV – “Aurora”

It’s been four month’s since we saw a teaser for Gowe‘s music video for “Aurora”, but it’s finally dropped. I gotta say, the wait was definitely worth it. For those who have fond memories of the days of SNES and Sega Genesis, you’re gonna love the video for this single off his We Are Hypergiants album. Props to Kenson Lee for the sick animation work!

Track produced by Trebles & Blues
With original samples from Ronald Jenkees’ “Throwing Fire”

Producer/Director/Animator: Kenson Lee (@rikognition)

PAs: Aaron Yeung, Steven Zhang, Dennis Tran
Equipment: Nicole Xu, Howard Tran
Sound Design (live-action): Niel Uchitel & Derrick Espino

Special Thanks:
Brian & Buki Hilgeford
Anime Haus (‪http://www.anime-haus.com‬)
Simon “Snake” Anderson
Laura Kim, Henry Han
Jonathan Abarro, Lillian Lin, Lewis Do, Se Chung
Ed Park & Dan Fisher (http://www.youtube.com/zimacokeback)

(Verse 1)
I said I promise, never to embark with
Nothing but my feelings while I’m sitting on this carpet
They sent a message said to build another starship
I’m sitting from afar watching how my bars hit
If they don’t get it then we got to redirect it
If they fail to understand it, don’t it mean we reprimand it?
No, no, no, we just keep going
Write a new song, craft another great poem
And then you broadcast, shoot it through they hard glass
Hook ’em with the single then you hit ’em with the star clash
Know what that is? That’s your best move
Make the crowd roar, get the one, two, three, count
Pin they shoulders to the mat now
Raise your title to the ceiling, really watch ’em clap loud
Now they ring the bell, hatin’ cause you feeling well
Climbing to my citadel, shooting all my sentinels—BOOM!

I said BOOM! (x2)

We taking off, we driving it all night
We’ll be flying away
We taking off, we driving it all night
We’ll be flying away

(Verse 2)
I like to paint thoughts, in a song form
They like to twist words, make me conform
Make me feel like I am trapped up in a box
Every single that I drop, it ain’t ever gonna stop, no!
‘Cause I’m lovin all the energy
Call it what you will, but I call it versatility
I really like my jazz and I dig rock too
I dig a Rocky Johnson and Fatu
Independent but I’m sent to intervent it
In the main event I win it like a Undertaker finish
And I got to take a minute, words is my melody
Write another verse just to work through telepathy
I fell before so I remember how that feel like
Don’t it feel like you was dreaming, is this real life?
This is real as a knife that’ll cut my mic off
And we all love to glow so turn the lights off—HEY!

I said HEY! (x2)


(Verse 3)
We on verse 3, you get the song yet?
You want the highly profound with the soul flip?
In a bold step I will fold any old texts
Claiming they a legend but they hidden just like Olmec!
Yeah, we bringing life to the radio
Take it to the station to the pavement just to play me though
They call it underground, we call it underrated
A bunch of talented people who really could’ve made it
But that’s the fabric in the blanket of our culture
Cop a couple Lamborghini’s then you’re over
I copped my own ship, I fly it to the moon
I get to see the world and maybe see ya soon
So we can grip the mic and lighten up the dance floor
Have ’em throw they arms around until we see they hands sore
Now they ring the bell, hatin’ ’cause you feeling well
Climbing to my citadel, shooting all my sentinels—BOOM!

I said Boom! (x2)


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