Andy Suzuki & The Method Start an Indiegogo Campaign For a New Album

Andy Suzuki and his band, The Method, are in the process of working on a new album and are looking to do it legit. Of course, properly putting together an album takes some serious coinage and they are hoping that you, the fans, will be willing to throw some funds their way so they can bring this project to fruition. They are being totally transparent about the costs and are offering up a number of incentives along the way, as is the norm for crowd-sourcing campaigns. To find out more, check out their Indiegogo page!

We are Andy Suzuki & The Method — Andy, Kozza, and Jason G — a singer-songwriter, folk/rock/blues band based in NYC. We have been together since 2006, writing, recording, and touring. We’ve had the honor of performing at major US Festivals (SXSW, Voodoo, Common Grounds, CMJ), been reviewed by NPR and Time Out New York, and recently returned from a 3-week, international tour in southeast Asia!

In the past 10 months we have dedicated all our energy, hard work and experience towards creating our new album. It’s 11 original songs we’ve written, arranged, orchestrated, and rehearsed since March 2012. After months and months of marathon songwriting sessions, long nights of rehearsals, and auditioning dozens and dozens of musicians, producers and engineers, we’re finally ready to take our world-class team to the studio to bring the music to the next level.

This is the album that will define our music careers. It is the best music we have ever made by leaps and bounds, and with your contribution, we can share it with the world.

This is your chance to be part of Andy Suzuki & The Method.

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