Tim Be Told Reminisces on Life with “28”

Tim Ouyang of Tim Be Told recently celebrated his 28th year of life, and to mark the milestone, he’s released a new song called “28”. The single captures the past nearly-decade of the singers life, recognizing the highs and lows as he looks forward to what lies ahead. TBT has always been a soulful musical outlet, and this song clearly propagates that trend.

Twenty was so simple with my pocket of dreams
Twenty one was full of joy until I burst at the seams
Twenty two was full of promise and the road did seem blessed
Twenty three got harder, twenty four was a mess

Goodbye twenty four, you were a hard year at best
So take some of the memories and I’ll leave the rest
Twenty five was no better, twenty six just flew by
And all that I remember are the tears I cried

Twenty seven found me in places so rough
I found you and you found me and I fell in love
But little did I know that fate would tear us apart
When you played me like a fool and then you broke my heart

Hello twenty eight please be a better year
I’ll dust off all the sorrow and I’ll dry my tears
Twenty nine is approaching and thirty is on the way
So farewell to my twenties, welcome better days
So farewell to my twenties, welcome better days

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