Jennifer Chung Features for ARMNHMR on “A Sight Scene”

Jennifer Chung and EDM… Bet that’s not two things you thought you could hear in the same sentence. But alas, it has come to fruition with the release of “A Sight Scene” by ARMNHMR, a duo from the OC. So if you’re looking to get your electronica dance on, give this one a spin. I think you just may enjoy this one.

Do you see them trying?
They’re trying to make it all right.
It’s time you stop denying,
The beauty of this scene tonight.
So give up all the judgement.
Let your guard down, there’s no fight.
So give up what you’re done with,
And see the ever growing light.

What a sight.
What a scene.
Is it everything you dreamed?
Yes, I know what you mean.
But it’s more than what it seems.

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