Verseatile Drops the MV for “Loving You is Wrong”

It’s been about 6 months since we first heard the first single off of Verseatile‘s upcoming Good Mourning album, “Loving You is Wrong”. I was diggin’ the J-Phonics produced single back then, and I still am today thanks to the newly released music video. Expect the full album to drop sometime in the early summer time frame. For now, you can also pick up the single from bandcamp.

Video directed and produced by the talented Gene Sung!
Production assistance by James Cho, Sun-Ho Pak, and Susan Sung
Cameos by Melody Yeung & Inae Oh

Back when I was 15, riding in the school bus, I was busting freestyles, when I didn’t know much/ I would always clown on my classmates in science, started to develop punch lines to a science/ 18 had come along, freshman in college, hip hop was everything, the queen to my knowledge/ I was always in the scene, you can ask my homie Spencer, battles to performances with everything uncensored/ even rocked a doo-rag, thinking it was culture, I was such a fool man, molded like a sculpture/ but I loved it so much, every single part of it, beauty in the art of it, put my soul and heart in it/ turned 23, packed up and headed west, you got what it takes to succeed, my momma said it best/ never looked back once since I left Chicago, represent the love for hip hop, wherever I go

Hook: I got something to say (if you loving you is wrong, I don’t wanna be right) – repeat

Been around the world, nah just a few countries, used to eat my rice with Tobasco on my lunch meat/ skin is so pale, I would still burn with sunscreen, knew the smart choices, still turned to dumb things/ used to dream a lot, that was part of my adventure, record-breaking sales like I was part of the Avengers/ a champion of music, adored by so many, but don’t be so quick to judge, I ain’t Timothy Bradley/ thought about it, damn, wouldn’t it be great if I could be a millionaire and buy my mom a new place/ I might have seen struggles, but I’ve never been dirt poor, never malnourished but I did have a thirst for, the truth and the proof of the purpose of my birth or, how I am lucky number 2 and not the first born/ miscarriage, but I’m glad that I made it out, thank you for my childhood, God, so let me say it loud

Been in some relationships that had a bad outcome, but they were effective cuz I had to make an album/ conversations of my relations were never secret, but if I had made a promise to you, I’mma keep it/ single life is lonely, I’mma try to take it day by day, but the women try to read me like I’m 50 Shades of Grey/ they wanna know the ending cuz I screw up the beginning, some think that I’m a loser even if I’m really winning/ I don’t blame ’em, I have gamed ’em, it was difficult maintaining all the cover-ups and lies, of driving me insane and, it made me realize it’s my defense mechanism, from the brokenness of love but on the real it really wasn’t/ I’m sorry for the, twirling around, going in circles and crumbling down, letting us die in a circular path, but I’m hurt from the past, and I’m stumbling now/ to the ones who understand it and forgive me, it’s cuz of you I learned another side of mercy

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