Showdown: Marie Digby vs David Choi

We hate to admit it, but it’s been 5 months since we last had a showdown feature! But that changes today with a little head to head competition between Marie Digby and David Choi. In case you’ve forgotten,  Showdown is where we have a little friendly comparison of artists that cover/remix the same songs and then vote for the one we think pulled it off better.

Marie and David both recently covered a classic alt-rock song by the Goo Goo Dolls, released back in 1998. It’s a favorite of mine, and there have been fantastic covers of the song over the years (see Boyz II Men’s R&B rendition). Marie and David both took similar approaches to the song, stripping it down and singing it simply and straight-forward – makes one wonder hey they would have sounded covering it together.

Marie Digby

David Choi

But you know how this works. It’s all about comparing and contrasting the two artists. That being said, which version did you enjoy more? Marie Digby or David Choi? No… don’t yell your response at the screen – that’s just crazy. Make your opinion heard by clicking below!

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