Just ‘Cause: MC Jin for AADP (Bone Marrow Registry)

Most folks don’t particularly know much about bone marrow unless they find themselves in or around a situation where it is needed. There is a national registry to help facilitate the process to find matches but in general  minorities and ethnic communities are sadly under-represented. That’s where AADP comes in, to help promote the cause and get more folks in multi-ethnic communities to sign up for the registry and save lives. Jin believes in the cause and shares a few words about it too.

AADP catches up with Rapper, MC Jin, during a short visit to the Bay Area. MC Jin takes a few minutes to drop some lines to AADP to offer support; he strongly encourages individuals to learn more about joining the bone marrow registry.

To register, you must be between the ages of 18-44 years old, in good general health, fill out a consent form, provide a cheek swab, and most importantly understand your commitment to be a donor to help save someone’s life.

Minority donors are underrepresented on the national Be The Match Registry.Searching patients will most likely match a donor within the same ethnic group. Individuals from mixed race and ethnic-specific backgrounds are highly encouraged to register to help diversify the registry and help increase the chance of matching patients early on their diagnosis.

Find out more about AADP and how you can help!

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