Scratch the “Surface” with Baiyu

Welcome to March, everyone. With it being the first of the month, Baiyu continues her free music campaign right on time, dropping the song “Surface” today. This isn’t some fluffy pop number, if you pay attention to the lyrics and the meaning behind them, you’ll find this goes a little deeper than your average song. It’s available as a free DL, check the Bandcamp widget below.

As people, we navigate through life the best way that we can but there’s a lot of times when we get caught up in conventions, biases and subjective heresy. “Surface,” the March #TeamBaiyu release, brings color to the chaos that we’re often forced to face with little guidance towards truth. It challenges traditional means of thought and behavior, and asks that you break through the veil to take a breath.

Finding my way I’m wandering all alone in the city of shadows
Searching for truth as I’m flipping through a bounded book of lies
And the problem with looking nowhere is that no one else is in sight
And when you’re lost in your thoughts there’s nothing pulling you to the light

Surface, breathe
Eh yeah
Surface, breathe
Eh yeah

Break through the fog forget the past
Rise through the dark and wake up fast
Cause if you linger so it lasts
Don’t be surprised if you’re swept back

Just let your senses guide you trust in when your instincts take over
Then when you find the path you seek is not out there but within you



Swimming oh I’m swimming swimming faster faster
Swimming oh I’m swimming swimming harder harder

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