J. Han Drops the ‘Art of Starch’ Mixtape

AMP’s own J. Han has finally dropped his debut solo mixtape, Art of Starch. Of course, James isn’t without the support of his AMP brethren, with CL and Sam Ock making a number of guest supporting appearances. Ock in particular is on nearly every track. Mickey Cho, Jae Jin, Gowe, and Lyricks also lent their respective vocals to round out this 10 track project.

Art of Starch is J.Han’s debut solo project. In this mixtape he aims to articulate his past by examining his upbringing as a “Cleaners Kid”. Realizing his experiences were not something to be trashed as insignificant but rather something to be embraced, he shares his heart and convictions, taking the listener through his life journey. This mixtape features a number of collaborations with artists Sam Ock, Gowe, Mickey Cho, Lyricks, CL, and Jae Jin.

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