JR Aquino Is Back With “This Time Around”

JR Aquino has made his grand return with “This Time Around”. The song is the lead single from his upcoming album (for which he was asking for Kickstarter support late last year). This tune firmly plants intself in the Pop/Rock genre, courtesy of some help with from Jesse Barrera. JRA dropped the music video as well, and it’s got some impressive quality visuals. Those desert scenes are on point.

Purchase: Amazon, Google PlayiTunes

Filmed & Edited by Andrew Rose

Written by J. Aquino & J. Barrera
Produced by J. Barrera

I used to live everyday cleaning up mistakes
Always lost never knowing which road I should take

Now this time I
Making things right
So many times
I fell to the floor to wonder if I’d ever get up again

You’re scared of what you don’t know
The places you fear the most inside your heart you can’t control

This time around I know
I’ll make some mistakes
But I’m stronger than the man I was before
This time around I know

I’m gonna wake up
Living in a brighter day
Not taking it for granted
There’s no need to run away

I was stuck in a corner
Always fighting to find myself
Looking for the answers
In the places that I don’t belong
But somehow
I finally know now

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