Andrew Huang Sings an Extended Version of “I Am The First Fifty Digits Of Pi”

OK. So technically this is late, at least according to East Coast time. But it’s still March 14th on the West and therefore it is still Pi day. Why does this matter? Because Andrew Huang has posted up an extended version of “I Am the First Fifty Digits of Pi” via a mnemonic device where the number of letters in each word of the song correspond with the number in first digits of Pi. Yea, it’s like that.

Man, I can’t, I shan’t, formulate an anthem where the words comprise mnemonics – dreaded mnemonics for Pi. The numerals just bother me, always. Even the dry anterior. Try to request something lower (zero) in numerary aptitude. Even I, wordsmith extreme, I cannot actualize the requested mnemonics. The hundred first, a (zero) crazy quantity. It (zero) confounds noggins here, including avid math nerds. Creatures of the (zero) library, assemble! I charge thee: (zero) assist me! Petition anyone to (zero) shrewdly calculate equations! Politely oblige me; struggle (zero) for that baffling Pi! Think and help me! I…I couldn’t (zero) endure further mnemonics…

π And here are the first 101 digits of Pi:


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