Bambu x Karman Presents ‘The Lean Sessions’ EP

For this new free EP called The Lean Sessions, Bambu teamed with a young producer named Karman who found placement on One Rifle Per Family with “Lean“. Together, they’ve put together a short 5 song project and dropped some real, unadulterated, homegrown Hip-Hop. Bam explains how he and Karman came to working together.

Track number 15 on …one rifle per family. was produced by Karman, a high school youth who honed his skills as a student of Sessions LA – a youth and student workshop series that DJ Phatrick helped develop in the Historic Filipinotown district of Los Angeles. Karman has since found his own voice as an experimental Hip Hop producer with a very unique sound. After hearing what Karman had done with an old Tommy Wright III record on his Soundcloud, Bambu asked Karman to replicate such for his latest Beatrock release. After the release of the music video for Lean, Bambu once again sought out Karman to put together this 5-song Free(EP), The Lean Sessions. Something to play to help get you through your work day… Lean.

Get the album for free from Bandcamp.

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