View Kawehi’s Music Video for “Lucy”

Videos don’t necessarily need to be bombastic and ostentatious. At times, a simple concept executed strongly is more than enough to release a good visual. Kawehi takes the concept of being a young child playing and uses it for the music video to her song “Lucy” from her Vox EP. It’s oddly hypnotic in a slightly creepy yet cute kind of way.

For the second single off of my E.P. “VOX”, we decided to do a big budget video. I have the receipts to prove it.
$35-2 Dresses from Children’s Place clothing store (yes, Wendy and I were able to fit into child-sized dresses. Who knew! I may return them. ssssshhhhhhh).
$20 – 2 Bottles of Fog Liquid for the Fog Machine that didn’t work because Paul bought it on clearance at Party City
$19 – 1 Bottle of 1800 Silver Tequila
$9 – 12 Stella Beers
$25 – 3 Large Domino’s Cheese Pizzas
That brings this baby in at around $108 dollars.
A Kickstarter Pledger wanted me to write a song for his 1 yr. old Daughter, Lucy Punch – he sent me a video of her playing so I could get an idea of how awesome she is and after watching it, I came up with LUCY. Hope you guys dig the video…I had fun being a 4 year old for the night 🙂

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