Infotainment! Andrew Huang Shares “A Rap Biography of Johann Sebastian Bach”

How well versed are you on the life of Johann Sebastian Bach? Chances are, you could use a refresh course on the legendary classical composer . Of course, if you were so inclined, you could read up on the artist in Wikipedia, but why bother when Andrew Huang has already done that for you and presented the facts in rap form? Life doesn’t get much better than this, am I right? Come Bach again real soon, ya hear?!

yo, yo, it’s johann sebastian bach

on march 21st, 1685, a little german baby was born
and thrived in the musical tradition of his family
he played the harpsichord and violin quite fancily
and he wrote his baroque hits to be the dopest
he had style, just look at how his robe fits
he had a white wig, and it was quite big
but not as big as some of these pieces you might dig
first of all, what you’re hearing is the toccata and fugue in d minor
but he also wrote cantatas, concertos, choral works and violin sonatas
i personally think air on the g-string is the hottest
but the mass in b minor is smashing
i might be blasting the magnificat, another attraction
and the st. matthew passion can cash in dashing reactions
baby, it’s johann sebastian
and i couldn’t imagine even having a fraction of the talent he had
in building every piece so intricately, like fine carpentry
but still flowing, like the blood through your arteries
if great composers steal, then he was committing larceny
so on target like archery
don’t have to go far to see how hard he weaved melody and harmony
it’s bach

yo, yo, it’s johann sebastian bach

at age 10, his parents died, he was an orphan
he moved in with his brother, studied the organ
johann christoph taught him the clavichord
and he learned about music, making copies and performing
and even though his brother strictly forbade him
he copied some of christoph’s scores verbatim
he just devoured music, he had the hots for it
no wonder that st. michael’s school gave him a scholarship
anyone who heard him play knew that he was born for this
a few years later he became a church organist
he worked with the choir, but was kind of disgruntled
this was before his style got contrapuntal
but counter to the church, he went on a little trip
to study with a composer named dieterich
a couple years went by, and then he got to start up a family
with his first wife, maria barbara
another johann dude, who was a duke
employed bach in his court because he was astute
but eventually they started to dislike him a bunch
before they fired him they put him in jail for one month
because he didn’t follow proper procedures, so he was told
he ditched them and went to work for prince leopold
but while he was abroad with the company
his poor wife back home died suddenly
a year later, he married a stunner
anna magdalena was a little bit younger
but she nearly tripled his army of children, and listen
they pretty much all grew up to be musicians
and there’s lots more i could say about j.s. in closing
but basically he spent the rest of his life composing
it’s bach

yo, yo, it’s johann sebastian bach

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