Andrew Huang Unveils the Video for “Over”

Andrew Huang has often take his music in an abstract direction, but this new video for the song “Over” is fairly straightforward. The artist uses his talents to take a moment and tackle the topic of depression. It’s a sobering listen, one that is full of chip-tune inspired layers and contemplative rap lyrics. You can expect the track off his upcoming album, Lip Bomb.

“Over” is taken from my upcoming album Lip Bomb, due March 31. While the song itself does not come from an uplifting place, there is help for those suffering from depression and it is my hope that those who need it have the courage to reach out, and that those who are able to support them will do so with love.

On a lighter and completely different note, check out this quick throwaway song Andrew created by sampling one of his boyband covers with Gunnarolla.

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